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Our Il Volo Fan Convention was on Friday March 25 … Myron and I had a such a wonderful experience hosting this event for the Fans of Il Volo…We enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you who came to our event… We most enjoyed that Il Volo was able to cut their sound check short and come visit our event… They were so surprised to see so many fans in one place from all over the world just to see them… We had fans traveling not only from our continental USA but also from Hawaii just to be with us… We had fans from other countries as well… Canada, South Africa and Brazil … I hope I did not miss any… It was such a thrill to know that Il Volo can bring so many fans together in one place… It was such a pleasure putting this together for Il Volo and their fans…

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have collected over this past week, and I want to thank David Heaton our Photographer who donated his time to take these pictures for us at the fan convention… I also want to thank the fans who have sent in pictures of this event as well…Please continue to send your pictures to me at, and I will be happy to post them as they come in…

Thank you all for making the First Fan Faire a great success…It truly was a  Grand Event.


Myron and I would like to thank Musical Notes Global for their article about our fan faire… Please take the time to visit their site and read about our Fan Faire

Link:  Musical Notes Global


Our committe has our email address active and will keep it active for you to email us at anytime… Please email the Myron Heaton committee at:


The Myron Heaton Committee thanks you for visiting our site



 Myron and Jeannette met with Barbara Vitali to discuss      details of plans for the March Il Volo Fan Faire to read the article click on the link.



Many of us have seen Il Volo in concert… Tell us about your experience… We want the world to know what a unique experience it is to see Il Volo… Share the love for all who have not had the opportunity to see their live performance, they would enjoy reading about your experience…
If you have yet to see Il Volo in person but love them and their music, let us know your feelings as well… We want to hear from all the Il Volo fans…
and the  Il Volo to Las Vegas Committee…

120 thoughts on “Il Volo Fan Faire

  1. I first heard Il Volo on their PBS special at Detroit.
    Now I listen to them on DVD’s, youtube and on
    CD’s in my auto. I have never had the privilege
    of going to a live concert and thought nah they
    probably won’t ever come to Oklahoma but hurray
    they are coming March 2, 2016 to Oklahoma City
    where I live and I plan to attend with bells on. I
    don’t know at this time whether there will be a
    M & G but would attend if they do. I am so excited
    and have been in contact with another ILVOLOVER
    that is planning to attend. I do not yet know her
    but I hope to meet her at the concert. I listen to
    Il Volo every day as well as read all the updates
    and replies from you fans. Il Volo sings with such
    love and passion with their beautiful voices. And
    has anyone noticed how handsome they are? As
    Taffy said, they just keep getting better and better.
    I couldn’t agree more. I hope to see some of you
    in Oklahoma City.

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      1. Oh Loretta, it was absolutely marvelous. And you are right it was a
        big, wonderful treat. At the M&G I told Gianluca that I couldn’t believe
        I was actually getting to meet them and hear them live. He gave me
        a great big warm smile. Makes you melt.


    1. So happy for you Take. You will never, ever forget the experience you are about to see. IL VOLO concerts are incredible to say the least. They sing with such passion which sometimes will bring tears to your eyes. They are so funny together and so romantic (Gianluca especially), and their voices together, is out of this world. Yes, yes, you mentioned HANDSOME? You are in for a real treat Gale. Their scent? Well, you will have to sniff each one. It’s amazing. Their smiles, their willingness to hug their fans (very tight), so sweet. Have fun. I’m going to Las Vegas to see them once again. My birthday is 3/17 (70 years young). My kids gift to me just like last time.


    2. I have plans to attend the Las Vegas concert, convention, & meet & greet as well as the Pechanga Casino concert in Temecula, CA. I wish I could have booked the concert in OKC as well, especially since that is only 3 hours from where I live in Arkansas. I’ve been hooked since I first heard and saw them on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You are definitely in for a treat!!!


  2. I tried to e-mail Myron and it didn’t go through. Said Mailbox Unavailable !!! Also as of 11:30am EDT there were no more discount rooms available. I already had my reservation when I called. There was a list mentioned. Where is it ?


  3. Murphy’s Law is alive and well and playing havoc with our email account… It has a glitch and I have sent a message to the provider that we need this account fixed ASAP… I am sorry for the inconvience… Also Myron is aware that we need another block of rooms.. They issue only eight discounts at a time.. So please call the Palms back in a few hours… That will give them time to honor our request… Thank you Joanie for letting us know about the problems at hand… Being aware makes it easier to fix it in a timely manner…Thank you so much…


    1. Your welcome Jeannette. Also, there was a list mentioned and I was led to believe that the hotel is going by that list in regard to giving out discounts.First come first served. I already have my reservation but not the discount. And is the convention the evening of the 24th? And am I on that list ? Wow !! I’m full of questions today !!! Thanks Jeannette !!!


      1. The Palms hotel is giving the Il Volo Fan Dinner discount to anyone attending the Fan Faire Convention for just one day, March 25, 2016 the day of the Fan Faire Convention and Concert… If anyone is coming in before or staying after try asking if they have other discounts… I know they give a discount if you belong to the AAA Insurance… They may have others as well so just ask…


      2. Jeannette are we supposed to be contacting the hotel to pay for the dinner & hotel now or wait until we get there in March, I got our tickets with a meet & greet with Ticketmaster a few meets ago.


  4. Loretta, this is a great question and i am going to answer it on the update part of this page so that all can see it… Thank you for asking about payment for the banquet…


  5. I must add again this factor ( which is really a wonderful factor ) : Since this type of event has never happened for Il Volo here in the USA before now, we had no idea how it would turn out. Would anyone even be interested ? Would we have to go out and (as they say) “beat the bushes ” to get people interested ? What would happen?

    The actual result has been AMAZING – sort of like the flood-gates opened up. You Il Volo fans have shown a huge interest in this event. So we sometimes have to play catch-up. I know that the Palms Hotel did not expect this fast a response from across the country.

    I sure hope that the response for this Fan Faire and Banquet is an indicator of the concert ticket sales . The Pearl Theatre is just below us in the building’s structure and of course, we want to have a TOTAL SELL OUT for this concert. I don’t want just 2500 seats sold, I want standing room tickets sold out also. HA !

    Fasten your seat belts. I hope we have a great ride.


    1. Count on it, Myron! IL VOLO is ever more incredible by the day. And we’ve loved them since they were kids! What a treat!!

      Love and gratitude,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway


    2. I’m voting for the best ride I have ever had with Il Volo & many more & for them to become aware of how dedicated we are to their careers & especially how honoured we are to have them take the time to come to this function for them.

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  6. Can someone tell me where you obtain the meet and greet tickets. There wasn’t one available when I purchased the concert tickets.


    1. I am sorry it took me so long to reply to this message, We have nothing to do with the meet and greet ticket for the concert… I think they were only sold by ticketmaster and they were sold out very quickly… If they become available at any time before the concert date, I will post it on the website for everyone…


  7. Joanie, please send us an email at so that I can share information on how to use paypal privately rather than over the internet… Thank you for asking the question… I look forward to hearing from you…


  8. Having been in Verona Italy to see the guys has only enhanced my love for them and there music. Have introduced my 2 granddaughters to their music and taken to the concerts (8& 10) Can’t wait until Las Vegas !!!!!


  9. Just something else I thought of. il Volo concert are spectacular not only that but you can rest assured that you will not hear any profanity on stage or any off colored jokes. It is clean & wholesome entertainment with Ignazio’s sense of humour which is I think hilarious. And if you get to a meet & greet they are the real thing respectful & genuinely happy to meet you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM

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  10. Well the time has finally come and our guys are here in the USA to start the 2016 tour in the Americas!! ….and we cannot wait as the elaborate Las Vegas Fanfaire will be upon us next month!! It will be so fabulous to finally meet our IL Volo fb friends face to face.
    I was fortunate to actually meet with some fans in 2014 & 2015!! IL Volo has brought so many fans together from all over the world, it is absolutely amazing!!
    IL Volo 1st came into my life in Jan 2012 in the form of a CD that was sent to me by my daughter in law from Germany. She knew I listened to “Classical” music most of the time, but why on earth was she sending me this CD of a pop group of teenie boppers!! Well..I decided to listen one day….and as “IL Mondo” began to play…I was hooked forever!!
    Concerts I have attended:
    1st -Sept. 22, 2012-Houston, TX
    2nd -Sept. 29, 2013 Wallingford, CT
    3rd – June 14, 2014 Stamford, CT
    4th – June 15, 2014 Newark, NJ
    5th- Aug. 27, 2015 Palermo, Sicily
    6th- Aug. 29, 2015 Malta
    Last year was very special as four of us ladies, who met online because of our love for three beautiful, talented young men, fulfilled their dream!! We planned a trip to Italy and Sicily with a quest to visit the home towns of Gianluca, Ignazio & Piero!!! What a trip of a lifetime this turned out to be!! We are known as the “Granny Groupies” as most of you already know!! On Feb. 18, 2016, the “Granny Groupies” (Madeline Vitella, Maria Agostini Leps, Joan Brenin & Deborah Beaupre) will finally be together again, as we will all attend the Washington DC Concert on Feb. 19th!…I could go on and on, but will stop and save it for when we meet & greet in Las Vegas as well as other concerts. Ciao, Ciao!!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us Deborah… I look to be able to say I have met some of the the Granny Groupies and maybe be able to join y’all in a future adventure to enjoy Il Volo together…

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  11. HI Jeanette
    I wrote to Myron a few weeks ago and asked him if he thought it would be a nice idea if the members of the Flight Crew who are arriving in Las VEgas on Thursday might like to get together for an informal meet and greet. I suggested we all meet in front of the Pearl Theater between say 6:30 and 7:00 pm what do you think?
    Please let me know what you think abut this idea I am leaving for Vegas early Thursday morning if you could email me at plmcandrew0512@com and let mw know you think I would be grateful for an answer.

    Thank you

    Lynne McAndrew (luckylady51)


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